the doing being

to do and be
is to kiss existence
with all five of your senses

to dig down into its soil
to get covered in its mud
until you are the earth
to climb its thick branches
to visit its great peaks

to dive in head first
to explore its deep waters
to touch its coral reefs
to float in its clear pools
to swim until you are a wave

to warm yourself by its fire
to roast marshmallows on its coals
to embrace the heat of the sun
to glow and radiate love
are you the wood, flame, or smoke?

to breathe it in
to breathe it out
while it breathes you out
and breathes you in
until you are the wind

to gaze up at infinite stars
to be weightless
to think your body
to embody your mind
they are one in the same

kiss existence
with all five of your senses
you are a doing being

© Rylan Skelly, June 2018

About the Author: I have a B.A. in Honours Religious Studies from the University of Waterloo and I love all major world religions – Eastern, Western, or in between. I’m genderqueer, and I’m comfortable with male, neutral, and female pronouns. I’m married to my dear wife Lynn, who is the love of my life, my best friend, and my muse. I think far too much, and often have too many ideas to know what to do with. And I am a doing being, just like you!


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