Doing Being Writing Prompt – 002


Weakness is found in strength. Earth is solid, sturdy, immovable, yet Water patiently penetrates and carves it, and turns it into a couch each winter. Fire is power, heat, and energy, but Water can extinguish it in an instant and exhausts its vitality in the cold. Even Air, so forceful, elusive, and free, is bound by oath to transport Water here and there like a taxi. Despite their boisterous displays of potency, the deep, strong, powerful, high, esteemed, and the sought after all yield to the weakest element – for at least one season a year. What weakness is your strength, or what strength is your weakness?

For the poets in the room, you may take on additional challenges if you so wish:

  • Water Cadence – Use the rhyme scheme ABAB for your verse(s).
  • Water Rhythm – Use a syllable pattern of 575 for your verse(s).
  • Water Flow – Use a rhyme scheme of ABAB with a syllable pattern of 6565 for your verse(s).

Please feel free to share your results in the comments or link back from your own site – I look forward to reading your creations!

Keep reading to see three examples from me.

  • Water Cadence
    more snow than could ever be shovelled
    pride calls me to try my hand
    and now my suffering has been doubled
    while snow still blankets the land
  • Water Rhythm
    mountains reach so high,

    I wonder, what’s their reward?
    reflects the water.
  • Water Flow
    it’s so hard to say no
    but I am learning.
    off a duck, water rolls
    but my tears just sting.

© Rylan Skelly, January 2019

Photo by Richard Balog on Unsplash

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