Doing Being Writing Prompt – 008


Thunder is “the Arousing.” It is the firstborn, the first to die. Blink and you’ll miss its light, but you can never reverse its impact. It is the dragon crashing from Heaven to Earth, the decisive rebuke that burns through disrepair and clears room for new shoots of life to rise. It is Spring’s bright revolution against the dark depression of Winter, the unstoppable spark of life that never ceases to divide and expand. Each of us is a link in the chain lightning, a result of the countless causes and effects that preceded us and an influence on the innumerable moments that follow our flash. We cannot know our origin or our trajectory – all we can do is keep our light bright and our eyes wide open. Whatever you do, just don’t blink.

For the poets in the room, you may take on additional challenges if you so wish:

  • Thunder Cadence – Use the rhyme scheme AABB for your verse(s).
  • Thunder Rhythm – Use a syllable pattern of 755 for your verse(s).
  • Thunder Flow – Use a rhyme scheme of AABB with a syllable pattern of 6655 for your verse(s).

Please feel free to share your results in the comments or link back from your own site – I look forward to reading your creations!

Keep reading to see three examples from me.

  • Thunder Cadence
    The grass of the courtyard was emerald green
    The inside of the walls were safe and clean
    But I always wondered what I might find
    If I ever saw them from the outside
  • Thunder Rhythm
    It built it’s home on my nose,
    Lived, lost, loved, and died –
    I never found it.
  • Thunder Flow
    I was afraid, in awe,
    Until I broke the law
    And learned perfection
    Is misdirection

© Rylan Skelly, April 2019

Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels


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