love wins

love wins
destruction loses

love endures
an ocean into which all things flow
and emerge from resurrected

love is for everyone
destruction flashes out of existence
a hot bolt lashing out, leaving no impact upon the surface of love

a story I have heard tells the truth
(even if its record of events isn’t historically accurate,
for truth is more than what did or didn’t happen)

love is life and destruction is death
destruction is dead because love killed it
all things return to love, even destruction
every pathway, every stream

attempt to avoid the inevitable
or simply accept its flow

love will bring you back to life
it resurrects destruction and renovates it into celebration
I try to live the resurrection every day
because love wins

© Rylan Skelly, April 2019

About the Author: I have a B.A. in Honours Religious Studies from the University of Waterloo and I love all major world religions – Eastern, Western, or in between. I’m genderqueer, and I’m comfortable with male, neutral, and female pronouns. I’m married to my dear wife Lynn, who is the love of my life, my best friend, and my muse. I think far too much, and often have too many ideas to know what to do with. And I am a doing being, just like you!

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