Gratitude Journal – 002

20181103_101613My wife Lynn and I are coming up on our fourth wedding anniversary this June. I’ve never been more in love with her, more attracted to her, more appreciative of her, more grateful for her, or more proud of her than I am now.

She’s my best friend, my closest confidante, my number one fan, and my unwavering helper. She’s my equal in many respects and my better in all the rest, and I could never explain how fortunate I am to wake up beside her each morning and kiss her goodnight every evening.

This weekend, she is leaving to go on a family trip to Scottland and we’ll be apart for a whole week (the longest we’ve been apart since getting married). That probably seems like nothing to some of you out there who are in long-distance relationships, but it feels massive to me. After four years of putting up with me, however, I would say she deserves a break!

Though I’ll never tire of writing sweet words about her, my words are eternally exhausted – how could they ever capture who she is, how she lives, or what she means to me? Fortunately, music makes up for what language lacks, so whenever I’m lost for words about her (which is often) I can turn to one of our favourite singers for help. As around the sun the earth knows she’s revolving, and the rosebuds know to bloom in early May, just as hate knows love’s the cure you can rest your mind assure, that I’ll be loving her always.

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