About Me.

If I do not feel
what I have felt,
I cannot feel
what I am feeling;
if my feet can’t
release the ground,
my crown will never
embrace the ceiling.

If I don’t play
what I’ve been dealt,
I can’t play the game
at all;
if my concerns
keep me cornered,
I’ll waste my life
clinging to the wall.

I’m a doing being
just like you;
whether you like it or not
it’s true.
I love you,
though we’ve never met,
because we’re in this together,
so there’s nothing to sweat.

© Rylan Skelly, June 2017

About the Author: I have a B.A. in Honours Religious Studies from the University of Waterloo; I have a love for all major world religions – Eastern, Western, or in between; I’m genderqueer, and I’m comfortable with male, neutral, and female pronouns; I’m married to my dear wife Lynn, who is the love of my life, my best friend, and my muse; I think far too much, and often have too many ideas to know what to do with; and I am a doing being, just like you!