A Kiss to Start the Morning Off
(Summer Soft – Stevie Wonder)

summer soft
wakes you with
a kiss to start the morning off
optimistic lipstick
keeps your dreams aloft
when it leaves its mark
on your cheek

morning rain
gently plays her rhythms
on your window pane
so hypnotic, sweet,
erotic; all in the same
motion that
keeps you here

They Only Turn to Brown
(Visions – Stevie Wonder)

People hand in hand
brave enough
to dig their heads out
of the sand
loving enough
to do the work
that lies at hand –
is this what
we’ll become?

I’m not one

who make believes
I know that leaves are green
they only turn to brown
when autumn comes around
I know smoke means a fire
just as fire means a change
and all things have
an ending

but what I’d like to know is

could a place like this exist
so beautiful
or do we have to
find our wings and
fly away
to the vision
in our mind?

Where Were You When I Needed You?
(Superwoman – Stevie Wonder)

in the winter’s cold
joy slows and settles
its fluid motions
freeze – dead

without a fire’s warmth
joy cannot be freed
for the flame of love
needs lovers
in its bed
where were you
when I needed you,
last winter?

where are you

when I need you
right now?

Rosebuds Know to Bloom in Early May
(As – Stevie Wonder)

as around the sun
the earth knows she’s revolving
and the rosebuds know to bloom
in early May
just as hate knows love’s the cure
you can rest
your mind assure
that I’ll be loving you

as what happens on earth
stays on earth
but the infinitive
becomes more infinite anyway
just as all’s born is born again
and no mu is found in Zen
I’ll be loving you